Wednesday, August 01, 2007

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

Day 1: British Airway’s lemon meringue tart en route to Nairobi

Day 2: Hotel, surrounded by barbed wire, serves me homemade butter cookies.

Day 3: Out in the bush near the Mara I see a cheetah fight with a bunch of hyenas over the impala it’s just killed. I drink a hot chocolate and think how mad I’d be if someone tried to steal my dessert.

Day 4: I argue with a Belgian about his country's chocolates after he makes the ridiculous claim that they are the best in the galaxy--clearly he knows nothing of the Milky Way (sorry, bad joke). Anyway, as proof he proceeds to list Marcolini (so far so good), Neuhaus (eh...that's like Godiva level), and Leonidas (hello Sees Candy a la belge). I am sure I win the argument because he then proceeds to get even by using his large, chocolate-enhanced frame to block my view of the elephants during our game drive.

Day 5: I see two hippos hump in the river. Neither seems to be very excited about it. Meanwhile, no dessert is available at lunch time. On the drive back, I almost get us killed when trying to take a picture of a lion. Oops!

Day 6: Flight, sparkly drink upon arrival on eastern coast of Kenya (Lamu).

Days 7-10: Lots of mosquito bites. Pavlova, Cheescake, Ice Cream, Chocolate Mousse. And—good lord even out here in the middle of nowhere it rears its ugly head—Flan!

Day 11: Fly back to the UK. Wonder if it my house is submerged like much of England. No dessert on the plane in preparation to face the grey country that awaits me.


red bean said...

Sounds like Moko had fun. I have always wanted to visit a safari and see hippos humping. Would you recommend your African adventures? Was this a pakaged deal or a self-planned trip?

Moko said...

half plan half package. the package part was getting all the internal flights sorted and making sure we were going to places that, despite being out in the bush, still believed dessert was an important part of the day.

red bean said...

sounds like a good trip (wild animals and good desserts, what else can you ask for?). we are going to Turkey in september and i finally just planned all of that. don't know about their sweets there but i am looking forward to trying out fruit-flavored sheeshas!