Friday, August 17, 2007

World's Worst Airline is Moko's New Favorite

The big work travel season is still a few weeks away, but today’s flight to Chicago has inspired what may become a new feature here: The Moko Meter.

Now, most people judge their airlines based on things like the ease of check-in; if the flight was on time; or whether they were able to get the stewardess to actually come to their seat when they pushed that help light next to the air vent.

Now on all of those fronts British Airways is like the worst airline ever ever. (And in official terms at least "the worst European airline.") BUT today BA came through big time on The Moko Meter. And here’s why:

Lunch dessert: rhubarb tart plus real ice cream

Snack: L'Artisan du chocolat chocolate bar—a whole bar!

Tea time: scones and clotted cream

I’m totally considering switching fidelity programs.


Anonymous said...

You are a Fuking, shithole with a cunting ass

Easy jet and virgin are the worst shitface

Anonymous said...

you know, Air Koryo is the worst airline in world