Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Worth Traveling to London, Plus a Two-Hour Train Ride, Plus a Cab, Plus a Walk up a Hill...for

Last weekend I found a great shop called “Memories of Arundel,” which manages to stock all kinds of nostalgia candies, or penny candies...or whatever old people call the candy they used to buy from old Mr. Smith at old Mr. Smith’s Candy Shoppe on the corner.

It’s a great little shop, and if you ever happen to be visiting the castle of Arundel, I highly recommend a visit. One thing did strike me as a bit fishy, though: for a place called “memories of Arundel,” there don’t seem to be any actual memories from Arundel.

Like this:

Edinburgh Rock. (These ones melt in your mouth, with just a bit of creaminess—like those sweetmint things they give out at weddings and funerals in the U.S. Yummy.)

Or this:

Joe’s Mints...from Lancashire. (Not bad, but, you know, they’re just mints. Plus, what's with the brown color? Everyone knows mint is ALWAYS pale green or white.)


the baron said...

perhaps joe's mints were meant to evoke the famous mint julep of arundel, with its bourbon-colored minty freshness. ah, the summers we spent in arundel castle, wearing our seersucker suits and going to the races...

BTW, did memories of arundel specialize in mints? or are we getting a skewed impression based on moko's whim?

Moko said...

There were tons of mints but also plenty of actually good, synthetic sweets lying about as well. I was perfectly satisfied with my visit.

The castle also wasn't bad, but you know, your run-of-the-mill English castle just doesn't stack up next to the country's finest selection of sweets.