Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Guess What? Glow in the Dark Worms Don't Actually Glow For Reals

Here’s an idea:

Take a bunch of gummy worms, but call them something else…like Lightning Bugs!

Now put two pieces of cheap plastic together and put a little light bulb between them.

Now go package this as “glow in the dark” worms:

What kind of idiot (me) buys this sort of thing? There was no "magic" tong. There was glowing in the dark, except when--duh--you signed the flashlight on the worms in the dark. What I was really hoping for--getting my stomach to flash funny colors as I walked through the X-ray machine--was not even a remote possibility. Instead, I had to content myself with this: walking into a dark room and shining my flashlight on my little worm thing. Boo!

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