Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Venting Anger with Gobstoppers

I use emoticons all the time. Like tons and tons each day. They jump all over my emails like little bouncing balls, making everything seem so happy and bright.

But the thing is, I really hate them. Really, really hate them.

I can't seem to avoid using them, though, particularly when I'm annoyed and being passive aggressive, like:
"Suzie, you said you were going to complete this project by yesterday but I haven't seen it. Did I miss that email from you? ;)"
"You jerk. Just kidding." [But not really, so then I insert this: :) ]

So I've decided to cut right to the chase and make some emoticons that allow me to vent in a more effective way: Gobstopper emoticons. They are much harder than parentheses, so when you're really pissed off at someone you can throw one of these smiley faces right at them!


bikoko said...

cute! like them.

I should check them for real, oh wait I might be closed to the moko soon for vacation...

Moko said...

you'll be in london?

great! :)

no really, i mean it, really...

Robin said...

Has your face in the meantime become expressionless?

Moko said...

yes. inscrutable.