Monday, November 12, 2007

What do the Swedes and the Polish have in common?


No, that’s just the Swedes.


No, that’s the Polish.

The Livonian wars?

You are clearly reading the wrong blog if you guessed that.


No, no, you ignoramus. That’s the Finns. I know they look like the Swedes but please try to be a bit more sensitive.

You’re not doing very well here, so let me just spell it out:

Wafer chocolate. Bad wafer chocolate. One Kit Kat in this world is more than enough.


Robin said...

this blog has a sad bias against form when it comes to chocolate. check out the pattern on that chocolate, that has to count for something!

Anonymous said...

Pish posh. One must remember what Frank Lloyd Wright said: form follows function. Follows is the key word here as in if you take a piece of cow dung and sculpt it into the venus de milo, I still wont eat it...

So yes, I said it, the Swedes and Poles eat cow dung.

Anonymous said...

Wait. It seems the Wright later said "form and function are one". So... uhhh... So you're looking at the formal equivalent of Polish cow dung. Looks tasty actually... Mmm cow dung.

Moko said...

I have no problem with form whatsoever. That's the reason I scalped the chocolate wafer medallion with my teeth so that I could peel off and cosume the pretty pattern and leave the yucky wafer part for my dog.