Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Gift from the "A" Team

My dad saves people's lives. Or rather, he saves their joints. Or maybe he just makes them feel a bit better as they deteriorate.

Whatever it is he does exactly, he sure makes them happy. So happy, that every year at Christmas our house fills up with tons and tons of 'thank you' goodies. We could build a guest house out of the number of Sees chocolate boxes alone. (Although instead of doing that I have another method of dealing with them, which I've written about before.)

Second in line are the wicker baskets full of mediocre Napa wines, yellow cheeses, and upscale confetti.

And then finally you get the handmade goodies, which tend to be the best tasting.

The above gift, though--a giant cookie from "the A team" (what does that mean???)--completely defied these three categories and to boot was just tasteless. The cookie itself tasted like cookie dough minus the sugar, and I was forced to scrape off the green icing and just eat that. Ick. The memory of that cookie still makes me shudder.

I hope the A team deteriorates to the point where he/she/it cannot bake or buy that concoction next year...

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