Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Peeps for Peace

I like the winner of this year’s Peeps Diorama contest—a Peeps Day Spa—but I think it’d be cool if someone would’ve done some Peeps protest art. How about a Peeps at Abu Ghraib, a Peep bin Laden, or Peeps in Palestine? It all adds up to a lot of dismembered Peeps, but Peeps are pretty gross anyway, so I don’t think that’s a big loss to your candy collection--and in any case, think of the impact you will have gotten by using these sickly sweet, jaundiced bunny rabbits to represent a truly distasteful subject!


Vanya McSexintov said...

Please see my link is about candies, pink rabbit and yellow marshmallow duckies. It is about how I am spending time, maybe you are pink rabbit or maybe you are yellow marshmallow ducky?


Call me, I am liking candy, too.

Moko said...
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Moko said...

I have to admit I was a bit scared when I saw the name of the poster and the focus on the color of the bunnies, but once I found the right link I was rewarded with a very fine Peeps diorama---and not the peep show I was thinking I had just been spammed with!

ps You may have to enlarge the window to be able to see the full link

Anonymous said...

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And everyone loves Peeps, don't they?!


Shannon Eliot
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