Sunday, March 02, 2008

Update: New Mother Found!!

After my desperate plea following a Brach's-less Valentine's Day, Sharonique from NC stepped up the plate. The below package was signed, "from your new mother":

Out with old and in with the new.

As my new mother, Sharonique will send me American candy for the following holidays:
Easter: Sees chocolate bunnies; NO Peeps b/c they are fowl (heehee)
St Patrick's Day: McDonald's limited edition mint shakes
Valentines: Brach's conversation hears in medium and large size
Halloween: Brach's pumpkins and candy corn; NO mix bags because whoever heard of chocolate corn?

In acknowledgment, I will send a Mother's Day card each year and do whatever else being a dutiful daughter entails.


crigg said...

you should try out the necco flavored malted balls, ythey come in chocolate, orange, cookie, and strawberry flavor! the texture is divine. I found mine at walmart! mmm mmm m

Moko said...

I think this is what Crigg might be talking about, but in the UK we don't get such fancy pants stuff:

(sorry for the laziness in not embedding)

crigg said...

about the 4th item :)

Moko said...

Amazing. Neccos always have such a stale taste to them that I always assumed that whatever I was buying had actually been made in the 1950s. But this website suggests that it's more like the 1980s or so. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Upon closer inspection, am I seeing that your new mother failed to send BRACHs conversation hearts??? New mothers DO have such a learning curve, don't they?--but at least they try and are not in danger of being fired for underperformance.
Your OLD mum