Friday, April 25, 2008

The Two-Dollar Tootsie Roll

There is substantial, significant, definitive, absolute proof that Tootsie Rolls are a dying candy art in America. It's only in the odd corners of California, like the superlative Hotel Avante in cosmopolitan Mountain View, where one can still find these 80s-era sweets.

So I thought I had it in the bag when my colleague J-town in San Francisco bet me five pounds he could walk outside our office and find Tootsie Rolls within a five-block radius. For a brief fifteen minutes, my heart raced as I thought of what bagel or short subway ride I would be able to pay off thanks to J-town's five-pounrd (ten dollar) contribution to the kitty.

But as it turns out, SF is a big supporter of the Tootsie Roll, and I lost my bet. My five Tootsite Rolls cost me ten bucks.

The only consolation in this humiliating defeat was knowing that given the current state of the dollar my five pounds is likely going to help support J-town in his old age.

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Anonymous said...

I'm definitely a Tootsie Roll fan and I also happen to live in San Francisco so I could have told you not to take that bet ;) They sell small T.R.'s on my local market, right at the check out stand where they can easily tempt you.

I just discovered your lovely blog and since I most definitely have a sweet tooth, I'll be back. Thanks so much for a fun read.