Saturday, May 03, 2008

Guess the fruit!

I don't know if I really care what the names of these exotic fruits are, but they're sure pretty no?


Douceur du Soir said...

Le premier est une carambole en francais (quand on le decoupe ca fait une forme d'etoile).
Le deuxieme est un mangoustan, mon fruit prefere jusqu'a present !
Aucune idee pour le troisieme...

Moko said...

Aha, this is helpful! So that would mean that the second must be a mangosteen. I found it to be a HUGE amount of work just to get to such a tiny fruit inside. Is there a clever way to slice it open? I just grabbed my complimentary hotel room machete and hacked away at it.

The first you also hit--it's the star thing which doesn't have tons of flavor but is really pretty to look at.

As for the third, it tasted a lot like a watery apple--but it wasn't un-tasty.

p.s. For those of you who speak French, check out Marion's (aka douceur du soir) blog, in which she talks about giving French names to her Japanese students (she teaches French in Japan). Those nutty French and their assimilation culturelle!

Gardiner said...

In Vietnam, mangosteen are caller "manko", very funny for Japanese people (and douceur du soir)...
To get to the white litchy-like flesh inside, just check out the site

Bon app├ętit !