Monday, July 07, 2008

12 a day keeps the fruit and veg away...

Ex-Maclamity,Ex-Informed Reader, and all-around smart man Robin pointed me over a month ago to this article in his favorite daily paper, The Sun.

Meet Keith.

Keith eats around 12 Mars bars a day.

While I find that a bit gross (Mars bars?!?), it doesn't seem totally unreasonable. I had two Kit Kat Crunchies, two bags of choc.-covered Brazil nuts, and some chocolate cake on Friday---probably the equivalent of at least 6 Mars bars, right? So Keith's like an over-achiever but I don't think we should throw him in a circus and charge admission just yet. (Which is not to say I don't admire his dedication. I certainly couldn't do 12 bars of chocolate a day.)

But there was one thing that had me perplexed. It seems Keith also mixes Mars and vodka. How does one do this? Anyone?

Meanwhile, Mars was clearly excited about this man, but wanted to seem reasonable, said: "We encourage people to enjoy chocolate as part of a balanced diet.”


Anonymous said...

Moko, you have an amazing turn around when it comes to stories.

Moko said...

To Mr. (disguised) Maclamity: Anyone can break the story; it's the high-quality analysis that makes my delayed reaction to this article justified.

anette said...

Ive once done danish flødeboller and vodka.. bon bons and vodka (all danish teens drink the salty liquorice vodka) .. winegum and bacardi..

I belive you use the same basics;
-just throw all ingredients (the dry stuff; mars bars) in blender add vodka till its liquid

-cheers and sunshine from denmark


Moko said...

What is flødeboller? I'm imagining some strudel-esque concoction with lots of powdered sugar.

Either way, I'm totally intrigued by the combo you describe. But that may be because anything sounds good to me while under the influence.

- Moko (just mixed sake and chestnut ice cream)

anette said...

Flødebolle is a kind cream puff: sugary eggwhite foam on a biscuit or marzipan base coverd with chocolate and sprinkled with coconut.. very popular in DK, but Im not sure if its a Danish thing. Here they are:

I understand you intriguement -I too get caught up in manic exitement when ideas like these are on the table. Still I have to warn you about the tummyaches that may follow.

mmmm sake shake.. I have to try that one. This weekend it will be vanilla and burbon shakes in cocktailglasses by the chocolate fountain.. I cant wait til friday