Monday, July 14, 2008

Mozartwürfel...das ist schrecklich!

From the land of pedophiles and classical music comes Mozartwürfel!

When I spotted them at a company party a few months ago I got really excited. Who doesn't like chocolate? And Mozart? What a killer combination.

But really they're just pistacho and cream chocolate balls. Bo-ring.

If I was a classical music snob I imagine I would compare the uninspired chocolate concoction to Mozart's Twelfth Mass or at least write a witty quip about Mozartwürfel needing to be more staccato and less piano...but I don't know anything about classical music so I'll just shut up here.

But if you're into this kind of stuff, there's more Mozart where this came from. From this website you can buy Mirabell Mozartkugeln, Hofbauer Mozartkugeln, Victor Schmidt Mozartkugeln
(who's Victor Schmidt and was he friends with Mozart?), Mozart Chocolate Cream White,
Mozart Chocolate Pure87 Black, Mozart Chocolate Cream Gold, Mozart Cubes, Mozarttaler, Fürst Mozartkugeln...


Anonymous said...

dear Moko, Methinks you a tad harsh with your subtitles!

Moko said...

yes, probably.

(but they really weren't all that great)

Jeanna said...

Nice wrapping though. Maybe they should be caleld Salieri.