Monday, September 29, 2008

The closest you can come to candy without it being candy

Check out this pretty box I was given. The gifter gave me a wink and said, "This is full of your things."

What would your things be? Snickers bars? Tiny turtles?

Well, if I was Jon that would have meant hip hop accessories. If I was Amanda it would be different pairs of yoga pants. If it was cousin #1 it would mean matches; cousin #2 it would be tin foil hats; and cousin #3 loafers.

But you all know what my stuff would be. And for those of you gifting things to me in the future--thank you!!--take note that it would NOT be crackers:

(That said, the crackers were kinda sweet and candy tasting.)


Jon said...

there is candy and there is not-candy. there is no close. shame on you moko!

Moko said...

these are candy crackers...but even if they weren't, my point is: