Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm dreaming of a white November...?

Why is England out to destroy me?

Why is it snowing and freezing in November?

I woke up to snow yesterday morning and was so annoyed about the whole thing that I decided the only way to remedy the situation was to pretend that it was already December. I've never been a big Thanksgiving fan anyway (everything's just so...not sweet), so I might as well start the X-mas countdown in mid-November.

That's why I jumped the gun a bit and made my gingerbread house last night. Once I had the thing assembled and my roof decorated--which, though you can't see it well here, I promise is exquisite and inspired by Ikea furniture--I sort of gave up on the rest of the house. I had a brief moment of brilliance near the back porch, but otherwise just saved most of the icing so that I could eat it myself.

While it may be boring, on the upside, this was the first gingerbread house I've done in years that didn't resemble a bomb shelter!


An innocent bystander said...

Snow on the ground on Saturday? Did it snow in N1 but not in NW3?

It barely gave us a dusting on the Heath as we were walking Botox.

Nice gingerbread house, by the way. It's a little disturbingly authentic.

Jon said...

construction is the most corrupt business on the planet; i think it's basically expected that you skim some off the top. you missed your calling as a candy architect.

Anonymous said...

A giant leap from the Baghdad ginger creation of a few years ago!! Remember?

Anonymous said...

When do you get around to eating your house? That's what i want to know.

Anonymous said...

When do you get around to eating your house? That's what i want to know.

Moko said...

The house lasted only 48 hours. I was watching a really boring episode of 90210 tonight and my eyes kept veering off the tv and towards the house.

So finally I crumbled and attacked it.

But I will try to make it last till Dec. 1st at least.

Anonymous said...

Ha! an obvious lie! There are no boring episodes of 90210.

Moko said...

well you see I have higher standards now that I have Gossip Girl