Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Chewy Nerds are not Nerds

Has anyone else seen these?

When I first spotted Chewy Nerds in the Target discount bin I was so excited: these things looked like massive, Easter eggy Nerds. 

Well, somewhere along the way I totally missed the huge, obnoxious purple writing that said they were 'chewy'--meaning, these were Nerds only in the way that say you could take my dog and put a cat costume on him and he'd be a cat. 

Anyway, they're totally gross and I actually threw them out. I can't even think of the last time I did that. Oh wait, yes I can: the Thai desserts extravaganza box.


Candy Gurus said...

I TOTALLY agree. I actually wrote a review on these callled:

"Giant chewy nerds should be called "Giant Chewy Turds".

( candygurus.blogspot.com)

But you're spot on- we threw them away too. Nerds Sour is where it's at!


Moko said...

Oooh, never tried those! I will look for them next time I'm in the U.S. Can you still spit in color a la original Nerds?

Jeni said...

These. Are. Delicious. One of my favorite non-chocolate candies, besides Lifesavers and Hot Tamales, of course.

Rosa said...

I found them weirdly addictive, yet repulsive at the same time.