Tuesday, December 23, 2008

If it's ugly call it a pudding

Is this the surface of the moon?

The dirt in my garden?

A new leather bag?

No no, it's my new banana pudding, and it's delightful.

...To be honest, it's really just a standard banana bread recipe spread really thin in a pan. But I didn't feel like I could call it banana bread since it doesn't look very bread-y, so I decided to follow the English example of calling ambiguous dessert-y things puddings. So le voici, mon pudding.


Jon said...

far far far more deserving than the christmas 'pudding' bricks we eat each year.

Anonymous said...

Let's see this with some custard on top: and then we can declare it a puddnig or otherwise.

Moko said...

Jon, whatever are pudding bricks?!?