Monday, December 08, 2008

My Marcato Magic Maker

I've found a great way to beat the horrible English weather. Whenever it's raining on a weekend--which does happen now and then in warm, sunny London--I try to encourage a sunny disposition by purchasing myself some sort of treat. (That's Capitalism 1, Climate 0 for you commies keeping count.)

A few wekeends ago that treat was this Marcato cookie maker, which has already paid back its weight in sugar (or pounds--which were about 20, so about 35 dollars). It comes with 20 different foils so you can do upper-crust English tea biscuits, cheap American Christmas trees with cherry glace on top, or some chic French and Italian numbers. The cookie pumper-outer makes me feel like I'm doing real, backbreaking work on behalf of society, but the general ease of use, and elegant little shapes make me feel ever so continental and sophisticated.

Highly recommended, and it looks like you can buy them here, along with a pasta dryer / coat rack.


Gimpei said...

Hey! I never got to eat these

Moko said...

oops, i gave them to the other gimpei