Thursday, December 18, 2008

One man's poison is another man's icing

I love Christmas cookies but am such a lazy person that once my baking is done I could care less about presentation.

Case in point: these once-lovely, now disastrous gingerbread cookies. Would you eat something that looked like this? Of course not. It looks like someone vomitted rainbow Nerds on some of them.

But would I eat these cookies, topped with a half-inch of icing and lots of jelly doodads?

Yes, I probably would. And probably did.


Pam Walter said...

Well, they're different and probably tasted great! So it really is an "eye of the beholder" thing.

Moko said...

Well, to be honest the best part was the icing. My gingerbread was a bit hard by the time I got around to eating it, so I ended up trying to scrape off all the icing with my teeth. In the process I managed to spray gingerbread guts across my kitchen, but boy was that icing good...

Btw is that free candy offer on your blog still true?!?