Monday, January 05, 2009


Kudos to the man/woman who made Chiclets chocolate mint fusion gumtastic a reality. I bet they had to put their career on the line for this one--I mean, doesn't chocolate mint gum rank alongside vomit and Tara Redi's stomach as one of the most disgusting things you've ever heard of?

Well, it turns out the Andes Mint gum-like concoction is more like Harvey Keitel naked: it sounds really gross but in reality is not so bad.

I know you still don't believe me, but I swear the whole thing is pretty incredible. This gum and a sea snak were the most exotic parts of a recent trip to Costa Rica, which was otherwise filled with gringos and aggressive howler monkeys.

Has anyone seen this gum in the U.S.?


Anonymous said...

What amazes me is the envoking of vomit/ Tara Reid/Harvey Keitel images? Where/how do you come up with these?

Moko said...

It's the high quality literature and news publications I read on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

no it doesnt exist and ive tried to order it online but they dont have it there

lux lux said...

i love the Tara Reid comparison! though tis taking some courage to click the link to Harvey Keitel.. is he really not clothed? so intrigued, and yet repulsed at the thought..
anyways, yes theres a gum just like this in the UK (where im at). its called 'Trident Mint Chocolate' and is part of some campaign where they claim the gum 'messes with your head'.. no-one seems to buy it but its absolutely yummy! more for me, then..:)

Anonymous said...

I was on a trip to Cabo and reluctantly tried this gum. It is surprisingly really ,really good. I brought a case of it home with me. I also tried to find it online but had no luck.