Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ice Wine chocolates

I was so excited to receive these Ice Wine chocolates from friends. Unfortunately, I had just brushed my teeth when the bar reached my hand, and--despite the many lessons I've learned from tasting vanilla extract--I couldn't hold myself back and ate the whole bar.

So as far as I can tell Ice Wine chocolates taste like chocolate with a tinge of minty freshness. Anyone know what Ice Wine really tastes like?


Carl Weaver said...

Oh my goodness. Go get a bottle of ice wine. It's delicious and very sweet - definitely a dessert wine.

Ice wine is made by leaving the grapes on the vine until they freeze, then pressing them while they are still frozen. That way you get the sweet, thick, syrupy juice, highly concentrated with sugar. It ferments and produces a delicious dessert wine.

I have tried ice wine from Inniskillin, a Niagara region vineyard. Great stuff. You will love it.

I make wine, so I get excited about this sort of thing.

Anonymous said...

Oh, sounds nice. Why can't Canadians put these chocolates on their backpacks rather than national flags when they travel abroad?