Friday, January 09, 2009

SOS - Save Our See's!

As I mentioned the other day (somewhere, I don't remember where), I think See's is on its way out.

I've decided to start my first-ever Internet rumor by suggesting that See's may have hit hard times--perhaps even going out of business. Am I allowed to do that? If I use words like "alleged" does that mean See's won't get mad at me if it turns out not to be true? (Incidentally, if my rumor did prove successful and if See's really wanted to set the record straight, they should just contact me via this blog and send me a lot of chocolate--but no peanut clusters please--to convince me of their solvency.)

Anyway, my proof is the following: a few weeks ago in San Francisco airport I discovered that the See's stores had all disappeared. A magazine stand employee confirmed that they had closed down about a half year ago; a Starbucks employee said they had heard there would never be any See's ever again.



Anonymous said...

That's what i call sourcing!

What else did these people tell you?

Moko said...

Well, for one, that my flight had been called twenty minutes before and that I better stop trying to read their magazines for free and instead get a move on...

Oh and that Ghiradelli was really just Hershey's chocolate dressed up in a fancy label.