Friday, February 20, 2009

Kosher chocolate chocolate

Sent from above! It's kosher chocolate!

I don't really know what kosher means in terms of sweets (Mokoites, enlighten me!) but this was some pretty good chocolate. It could easily replace my usual supermarket chocolate bar if available. I'd put it around Lindtt level.

I haven't spotted it in stores yet, but you can read more about Ummah--and some of the cool community projects they do--here.

P.S. Isn't this a much better photo than you'd expect from me? That snazzy blurred edge is thanks to a broken camera that I refuse to throw away.


Carl Weaver said...

Ummah is an Arabic word meaning community or nation. Kosher certification means that the ingredients and process of manufacture were inspected by and approved by a kosher certifying authority. The methods and cleanliness have been inspected and the product is certified to be fit for those who observe the kashrut rules.

It's complicated.

Also, if you look on the label, you will probably see that this is also certified as a hallal product, which is the Islamic equivalent of being kosher.

Moko said...

Impressive, Carl! I might've gotten some of that via wikipedia but when you broke out the Ummah translation I knew I was in the presence of an expert ;-)

This was some seriously good chocolate (assuming we're talking about a range of cheap-to-medium-priced chocolates). I should actually add the link to their site as I'm all for kosher/hallal chocolate if it means they will taste like this.