Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Mother Re-owned in time for Valentine's Day

This time last year I had to make the unfortunate announcement that I had disowned my mother following her refusal to provide me with my yearly care package of Valentine's hearts. That was a pretty rough time for both of us, and I thought of her every day---until her twin sister, Sharonique, stepped in to send me my fix (and take over motherly duties).

But clearly my mom missed her daughter, and decided to make amends. This year she sent not one, not two--not three, my Mokoites!!--but 6 small boxes of Brachs and one big bag of its juiciest pastel varietal.

Thanks to her kindness--and a stock-up trip last week to the US--I was able to finally perform the taste research I've long wanted to carry our on the Necco and Brachs heaerts. I recommend printing our and keeping the following guide in your wallet:
  • Necco's big conversation hearts are the tastiest of the big variety, even if the packaging is a bit 80s-style
  • Brach's big bag of small conversation hearts consistently provides fresh, chewy hearts, and there don't seem to be too many gross pink or white ones
  • Brach's boxed conversation hearts are without fail stale and un-tasty. Avoid at all costs if you're buying for yourself. But they're cheap and easy to gift if you want to pretend you're being thoughtful.

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