Monday, March 02, 2009

Tech Chocolate

Tcho, Dark Chocolate 72%, Beta Batch

Maybe no one's had the bandwidth to tell you this but you are lamer than HTML tables. Just what do you think you're doing calling your chocolate "beta"? Is this free software? No. Am I paying for it? Yes. Then dammit I want chocolate that you think is perfected and complete!

Just what exactly do you mean by "beta" anyway? That you will iterate future chocolate products based on user feedback? (Isn't that just old-fashioned, offline marketing?) Will you be running chocolate webinars? Can I update my Twitter account by biting into your squares? Will you tell Facebook what kind of chocolate I like and what I was saying while I was eating you? Will you run relevant ads across the top of your cacaolicious surface so that I will have even more opportunities to buy you?

Oh...and is there an API?

Listen Tcho, you're lucky that I've been really busy with work and don't have any cycles free to devote more space to your dumb gimmick. You just let me know when you're ready for public launch and then maybe I'll give you another try.


Gimpei said...

Yes... But will it run on vista?

cybele said...

I'm so glad someone else is supremely annoyed by having to pay (premium prices!) for a product still in development.

They're out of beta and I admit the product is better than the first beta I tried over a year ago, but I really got annoyed at how much folks were fawning all over them.

Moko said...

Maybe it's OOB in the US but the one I picked up here has got beta stamped all over it. I guess their product localization strategy involves shipping lesser versions to 3rd world countries like the UK