Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I am at least less pathetic than 15 other people on this planet

Sometimes I look at this blog and I think, "don't you have something better to do with your day?"

Well, the answer to that is probably "yes."

But the other day I discovered people who have even more time on their hands than I do: chocolate commenters.

You see, some friends gave me this Trader Joe's chocolate palette for Christmas and I've been working my way through Venezuela, Ghana and Tanzania.

I was enjoying them just fine--an affordable excursion into the upper realms of cheap, 65%+ range cacao. Granted, I didn't notice a big difference between one region and another--which you definitely do when you try the exquisite Maison du Chocolat sampler. But I was content nonetheless.

Little did I know that across the web a group of chocolate purists were growling about this innocent palette.

Look at the labeling and my guess is that you'll find that the TJ bars aren't made by, but "for" them.

I found a use for these chocs. I simply broke up all the bars, melted them down...

Personally, I don't get the big deal. It's not like Trader Joe's is charging 40 bucks for it's sampler. It's supermarket chocolate, and for that I think it's perfectly tasty.

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