Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Vichy Ghosts

Every once in a while L. and I will be eating out and he'll suddenly interrupt my thoughts with "WHAT are you doing to your food?" I'll look down and notice that I've made my mashed potatoes and gravy into a moat, or that I've shaped my spinach into grammar symbols.!?;

So I guess I like to play with food.

The other night, inspired by JK's monster generator, I tried to make ghosts from my Vichy pastilles (a gift from the French erotica writer). They don't look much like ghosts, but that's partly because I kept eating every new tab I put down, and could never manage to get ten down all at once....

Vichy claims that their pastilles are good for digestion because they are made from mineral salts. This is, of course, total BS, but since they told me this in French and the French are so skinny it seemed quite sensible to believe them.


Anonymous said...

The one on the bottom right is spooky. Can you explain the thinking behind the two on the right?

Moko said...

A better question would be: can YOU?