Thursday, April 16, 2009

On cupcakes and chemistry

Check out this eye candy--a periodic table of cupcakes--courtesy of Woman's Day and good ol' Maclamity, who's going through a rebranding exercise at the moment.

If only high school chemistry had looked like this! While I never looked at the periodic table and thought of making cupcakes out of them, I do remember spending many a day trying to make words by combining different elements. But that was always a bit disappointing---there's only so much you can do with UUT, UUTQ and the like, and always reverting to Helium and Calcium is a bit cheap.


Pam Walter said...

Very clever! Have been into cupcakes lately (don't know why) and this has a ton of great ideas. Thanks for the info!

Katherine Fahad said...

This Page is quite nice and Amazing :)