Monday, April 27, 2009

Two weeks sans sucre

It finally happened: I finally had my drug-addict-lands-in-the-gutter moment. The moment where someone held up a mirror next to the playground as I sold heroin to 6-year-old kids. The moment where I sold my house just for one more hit. The moment...where I gave up sugar.

The wake-up call came about three weeks ago. I was in Zurich airport, rushing to the gate to catch my plane. My laptop was under my arm. In my left hand was a big pack of Haribo Starbrites. In my right hand was my new mobile phone.

Suddenly I lost my balance, and the Haribo and phone went flying.

Question: you have .01 seconds to save either your 1 Euro bag of candy or your 80 Euro phone. What do you save?

So the phone went crashing to the ground and split in two, while my Starbrites landed safely in my hand. That was when I realized my priorities were not quite in order and that I needed to cut back on my sugar intake.

Granted, I didn't change overnight. I kept eating sugar like normal (read: raw and by the spoonful) but it no longer tasted the same. It was sour. Lonely. Broken. Like my mobile phone.

It took about a week before I decided to go cold turkey, but it's now been 2 weeks since I've touched anything.

All I can say is that it hasn't been easy. I had the shakes the first three days (seriously), and most of the time I feel like this:

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