Monday, June 08, 2009

More fun with wafers

Under my new sugar ban I'm not actually allowed to eat any of these things I get but just ogle them (and ok maybe take an occasional taste in the name of science). So I had to keep adding things to the blueberry wafer treat from the other day to get it to a point of complete inediblity where it didn't matter how big my craving was.

So I decided to glue on my little people friends...because glue is not tasty (unless it's sugar glue like the kind you use in elementary school).

So here you have my New York City block. The person in the middle on the right-hand side is actually an angry mother. She's (clearly) climbing up the scaffolding to get up to the roof so that she can drag down her pot-smoking teenager.

p.s. I'm sure this sugar ban stuff will end soon. I'm as bored with it as you are ;-)


Pam Walter said...

I've forgotten...did you tell us why you have the sugar ban? These alternative used for sweets are getting very bizarre.

Moko said...

All the gory details: