Wednesday, June 03, 2009

What! Is! This!?!

I had imagined this would be a ccrispy wafer full of oozing blue soda-y goodness. Alas, there was no ooze or soda, but points to them for making a sucker out of me!

But that reminds me, does anyone know of any good blueberry candy? Why is it such an un(der)appreciated fruit? Texture-wise, they pop in your mouth and go all gushy. And if you get those great GMO ones you can get them as big as your fist. No joke.


Pam Walter said...

Looks like a waffle; did you try adding syrup?

Moko said...

Ha! That wouldn't have been a bad idea actually...the syrup would have softened the wafer, and made it all a bit more gooey and gaufrette in feel.