Sunday, August 02, 2009

miette candy tasting

The worst thing about planning a wedding is, well, the planning part. But whenever there's a worst thing there has to be a best thing, and that's clearly the fun stuff along the way that you weren't even expecting. Two great examples:

1. The man at the corner store gave me a free pack of Orbit gum tonight when he saw my engagement ring--and he gave me 20p off on the second pack I purchased. What a bargain!

2. The Baron--paragon of good taste, and one of the early inspirations for this blog--threw me a wonderful candy tasting/ bachelorette party at a pretty candy shop in San Francisco called Miette.

Now when The Baron first mentioned her idea to me, I have to admit I had a little laugh inside the mean part of my brain. How could the Moko possibly have anything more to learn about candy? It ain't wine, after all: in my book there's basically sweet, sweeter, and sweetest, with subcategories of sour, liquid, fluff, and stale.

Nevertheless, I thought it was an excellent excuse to break my candy fast and spend the day in Miette, the decor of which, in floor-to-ceiling technicolor gumballs, is like complete Mokoporn.

We started out with grapefruit "infused" cotton candy. I would have been content to eat just that the whole day.

Then came the sugary candies (below). This was heavy on dainty French cuteness (yes, those are Carambars you see on the far right), and all quite tasty--particularly the lone Italian sugar fondant, which is my new favorite thing ever. My only wish was that they could have added in some sugary Haribo numbers, letting the German octane offset the flirty pouts of the French flowers....I swear it's like candy that will try to steal your boyfriend.
Next came the caramels, which I have not included a picture of here because I feel that caramels are a bit like brownies in their wholesome boringness. (Well, that and the fact that I've left that photo on my camera and it's in another room...) That said, the Miette ones rated really highly in our group, as did the chocolates, which included tasty London-based Rococo, reliable Gianduja, and a challenging, crusty number that made me feel like I had been asked to appreciate contemporary art.

Finally, the Miette ladies broke out loads of salty licorice. These things tested even the bravest of my friends. I warned everyone off the Nordic ones--since it's a proven fact that they lead to suicide--but I was surprised to discover that the chocolate licorice (bottom right hand) was actually quite addictive.

A big thanks to The Baron for organizing the most perfect day for the Moko!


Anonymous said...

I'd like to go with you to check out the shop's delights some time! Nice photos!

Anonymous said...

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