Friday, November 13, 2009

The Moko Breaks her Silence

From the mess halls of East Coast prep schools to the peaks of Kilamanjaro; from the intersection at Shibuya station, the temples of Tibet, and the set of Gossip Girl...the big question on everyone's lips for the past three months has been, "where is Moko?"

It's true: I vanished without a trace in August, leaving you all with a Miette candy posting and no warning that I would be leaving you sugarless for the fall. The truth is, I was travelling a lot for work in August and September, and then went off and got myself hitched, so inbetween it all I found it difficult to post...not to mention that I was still officially practicing sugar sobriety, so I didn't have as much "raw material" to work with.

But if there's anything that married life has taught me, it's that old habits die hard. I'll never get him to put the toilet seat down, and he'll never to manage to break me free of sugar's grasp. (A more realistic goal would simply be to try to get our relationship to the point where, if both of us were on a sinking ship with a life-sized bag of sugar and only two lifejackets, it would not take me too long to make the right decision.)

So here I am...rock you like a hurricane.

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