Monday, December 07, 2009

5 Things

My dad, a doctormologist, was telling me tonight that back in med school the classic drinking game they'd all play was, 'What 5 medicines would you bring to a desert island?"

Sounds wild.

In any case, it got me thinking about what kind of sweets I would bring...

1. Cookie dough batter

2. Cheap, American supermarket icing (that would double as insect bait so that I could also get my protein)

3. Cotton Candy (which I could also use as a cocoon to keep warm at night)

4. Chocolate caramel fudge sundae (hey, if I can transport an infinite number of sundaes I can certainly figure out how to keep the sun from melting them)

5. Haribo strawberries (also to track my trails and not get lost)

Your turn! What would you bring?

...btw, in case you're interested in the top medicines, they apparently are an antibiotic, an anti-inflammatory, and a pain pill...considering that pretty much any doctor should be able to figure that out I'm not quite sure where the drinking game part came in!


Anonymous said...

1. speculoos

2. gummy bears

3. red vines licorice

4. mint chip ice cream

5. creme brulee


fisher said...

1. reese's peanut butter

2. cadbury fruit & nut chocolate bars

3. see's lemon truffles

4. werther's originals

5. life savers

Robin said...

Another question, if you'd brought along five actual medicines and a box of cadbury-branded candy washed up on your desert island -- under what circumstances would you start eating it?