Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Year, New Country, New Husband, New Candy

Hi everyone. I know it's been a very, very long time since I last wrote. But I have plenty of good excuses...

First, I got hitched. The ceremony was wonderful, the husband was/is wonderful, etc etc...but the thing you really need to see is my wedding cake, which was certainly the most ridiculously wonderful waste of money in which I've ever indulged. I actually cut a bunch of things from my wedding to pay for this thing, which had three flavors (chocolate chocolate, pistachio and strawberries, and carrot cake). Usually, wedding cake isn't very good, but I must humbly say that mine was delicious.
I agonized over what I wanted for a cake, as I knew I didn't want some frilly white flower number. As my future husband heard me (day after day) going through my various ideas (at one point we were having a giant Buddha cake), he finally (and perhaps with some exasperation) said: "why don't you just do an enormous cupcake?" And that's when I knew that I was marrying the right man.

Anyway, after the wedding, I became English, which involved enduring months of paperwork and a 2-hour ceremony (played to Beatles music) in which I pledged allegiance to the queen and promised I would never complain about the weather again.

Then I had to go to Paris for work, and was super excited to see my book selling at Shakespeare & Co., where I used to go to feel young and literary and tragic back when I lived in la Ville-lumière.
Then it was off to the US for Christmas cookies at my brother's place in Portland. Why do so many people in Portland look like the Unibomber?
Then, we moved to Tokyo, which is where I'm writing from today. I actually like Tokyo even better the second time around. I'm able to walk to work, the sun is out even in the winter, and the food, the food...
Me and my Japanese sweet gazing out our hotel window

So there you have it. Given that I'm back in the land of all things delicious I'm sure I'll start blogging more frequently. Hopefully. ;-)

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Jon said...

YAY! Welcome back, Moko!