Sunday, March 14, 2010

Berry delicious

Berry Cafe on Aoyama Dori, near my house. It was berry delicious!!

...well, not really. It's all gross whipped cream underneath the berries. See?

But the store front itself was very attractive. It's like a 50s diner meets a Southern pie factory!


Anonymous said...

I'd say your pictured pie(cheesecake?)looks more like grapes resting on whipped cream than berries... have never heard of a grape pie--or cheesecake--though. I suppose one exists--in Japan on a shelf.

Moko said...

Yeah, it was. That was my friend Yuki's slice of pie. She's crazy though. Who orders a grape pie?!?

Mine was a proper berry pie. But still, same result: loads and loads of whipped cream.

Meredith said...

Happy holidays to all your blog readers!

Startup Candy said...

This bar has been a long time favorite. It is a fruit flavored pectin jelly containing nuts, coconut, raisins and covered in the finest milk chocolate. It is packaged in a box that is printed using original artwork from the early 1900's.