Thursday, March 18, 2010

One of those things that seemed like a great idea

I came back from a recent trip to California bearing a box of Sees, a whole bunch of Jell-O pudding, and a bag of one of my favorite annual treats, Brach's jelly beans. Patience has never been my strong suit, so I opened the jelly beans while I was still in the bus back to Tokyo. By the time I arrived, there were only the black and purple ones left and I was feeling a bit nauseous.

So when I got to my apartment I had the brilliant idea that I would scatter the jelly beans around my rug, then go on an Easter egg hunt for them. I figured that that would at least buy my stomach 20 minutes before it received another sugar rush.

Well, for those of you thinking you might try this at home, let me offer one big tip: don't do this if you have a dark week later and I have had a few early morning surprises of jelly beans popping up between my toes.


Jon said...

these are, clearly, fantastic ideas. don't second guess yourself!

Anonymous said...

I bet you ate them, even as they
popped up between your toes...and were tickled to be so sweetly surprised.